General Information

Tournament Dates for 2024 – January 19th, 20th, and 21st.
Tournament Registration fee – $800.00
Registration fee must accompany registration.
Team rosters must be submitted with registration.
Maximum of 40 teams, register early.
Entry is on a first come, first served basis.
6 Divisions in the 35 and over age class.
There will be an over 45 division if enough teams register.
Games will be played at Willie O’Ree Complex, Grant-Harvey Centre, Lady Beaverbrook Arena, and York Arena.
All games consist of a 3 minute warm-up and two 17 minute stop time periods.
No Roster changes within 2 weeks of the tournament start.
See our Contacts Page for contact information.

Note: Tournament Headquarters is located at the Delta Fredericton. You can pick up your tournament package there.

Classic Regulations

All players must be 35 years of age by the starting date of the Tournament. (Proof of age: Driver’s License or Birth Certificate).
All players participating in the 45 and over division must be 45 years of age by the starting date of the tournament.
A minimum of ten (10) players plus a goaltender must be dressed for all games or team may be subject to default.
Players are not eligible if they participate in any league other than “Oldtimer’s”, “Gentleman’s”, or “Recreational Hockey”.
CARHA rules will govern conduct and play of the game.
Center ice red line will NOT be in play except for icing.
Goalies – Cat-eye mask is permitted provided the player signs a waiver.


To register for the tournament, fill out this Registration Form (Microsoft Excel Format) and send it to

Other Documents

Tie Breaking Format
Tie Breaking Format for Playoff Games